Camo Rims - Before Process
 The Process
Our Process We start out with sanding and cleaning the item, and then applying primer and base coat, The customer's choice of film is then cut to size and laid on the surface of the water in a Water Transfer Printing tank and an activator is applied to the film. After a few seconds the film turns to liquid ink and allows us to dip the item slowly into the ink which wraps 360 degrees around an object. Then the item is dried, and a automotive grade clear coat will go over the new finish to protect it. You can choose a flat finish used mainly on firearms and hunting equipment or a high gloss finish for anything you want to shine like glass. With some films you can change the base coat to change the overall color of your dipped item. Also we offer custom paint colors if you have a specific base coat color please call with the paint code there will be an additional charge for custom paint and candy clear coat.  Durability All items are coated with an automotive grade urethane clear coat to ensure maximum protection. This clear coat will protect the finish from UV rays, scratches, and most chemicals. Once the clear coat is dried the item is just as durable as a automotive paint finish. With firearms the days of rust are over this protects against the elements of nature and adds value and piece of mind to your hunting equipment. Care & Maintenance After your item is dipped it can be cleaned with a damp cloth. With firearms you will still have to oil all internal parts. Please avoid harsh chemicals designed to remove surfaces, such as paint thinners and lacquer. Also chemicals like Deet found in bug spray can affect the clear coat if applied directly to items. Warranty All work has a 1 year warranty on the final finish. This includes paint, clear coat peeling or workman ship. This does not include any damage done by misuse, negligence, or improper care. If you are not sure about the proper care of the item please call we will be happy to help.
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Camo Dipping Process
Dipping Process
Spraying Activator Camo Dipping Process Camo Dipped Rims
Final Camo Dipped Rim