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Camo Illusions is a proud supporter of the breast cancer society. We will donate 40% of our proceeds at the customer request on any item done in pink camo, pink ribbons, or pink carbon fiber. Thank you for your support.
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Welcome to Camo Illusions Camo Illusions is a family owned and operated hydrographics company located in Whelen Springs, Arkansas. We offer after-market hydro dipping that ranges from your favorite hunting rifle, pistol, knife, and ATV to your dash board, rims, hard hats, gaming consoles, and so much more. We have a wide variety of films to choose from we offer camo, pink camo, carbon fiber, wood grain, zombie killer, skulls, and flames if you do not see what you’re looking for please call us and we will find a film that suits your needs. Here at Camo Illusions we do away with your every day customer service and replace it with good OLE’ Fashion southern hospitality so please feel free to call with any questions you have regarding the process or pricing.
Camo illusions 1874 E Whelen Rd Gurdon, Arkansas 71743 Copyright 2012. Camo Illusions Arkansas Hydrographics Company. All rights Reserved.  Website Designed and hosted by ScottysWeb Photo Gallery Contact 2011 Z71 in Reaper Wood Deer Skull Dipped in Reaper Buck Country Wedding Special. Looking for a country touch for that special day that will last through the years we do full wedding sets here at Camo Illusions. We do every set custom once you order.